Micro Teaching

Apparently, today is not bad or good enough as my imagination.  Today, I have followed science teacher recruitment.  It was step 3 i.e. Micro Teaching.  I thought it will be difficult because I didn’t have education about teaching.  But, alhamdulillah.  I have been given opportunity to continue to next step i.e. class observation.

It was good experience to me because I must teach math with English.  I certainly sure if I must teach with Indonesian language, I am ready and can do it, but I got nervous if I must teach with English. That was my problem.  This is my first experience teaching with English.

In that recruitment, I shared about Integral Indefinite.  First time, I introduced my self, and than continued to subject.  In middle time, my explanation was stopped by audience.  I got a lot of suggestion from that moment and I thought I will not pass that step.  But, jreng jreng jreng…

Alhamdulillah.  That was not good or bad enough as I thought.  Just do it well.  And well, I ready for next step.  Bismillah to continue.  For two weeks later I will follow class observation.  Thanks for your pray guys.


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