BJB Recruitment Carer

Hi, guys.  Today, I will share my story about my carer recruitment in BJB Banking.  I hope it can give you more reference if you want applying to get job there.  In this moment, I got calling from BJB Banking.  BJB Banking is short name of ‘Bank Banten Jawa Barat’ that the biggest ‘BUMD’ in Indonesia (Banking).  I will not explain a long history about it, you can read it on  🙂

In middle of February 2014, I followed BJB banking recruitment.  I took Junior Staff position for Administration/Marketing.

TEST I : The first test is psychic test and academic capability test.  For psychic test there are arranging pattern, pressure condition, and statement argue.  For academic capability test there are basic math, logical, series, words correlation and ‘Pauli’.  If you pass this step, you will continue to Test II in same day with test I.

TEST II :  The second test is FGD (Focus Group Disscussion ).  In this step, you will be grouped to five friends.  You will be given a problem paper and take a problem solving for it with your friends.  In this step, you must hold your friends to take a good conclusion, do not judge your friend’s argument is wrong but help them if there are some good thing to become a good solution.

TEST III :  The third step is TOEFL.  This step is done in next day, one day after test II.  In this step, you will find three test material i.e. Reading, Listening, and Structure (there is no Writing test).  Without any explanation, I think you have known it from your institute.  It is same enough.

TEST IV : The fourth step is medical check up.  Guys, you can enjoy this day because it will not press your head 🙂 You just come and nurse will take out your blood.  There are blood test, urine test, x-ray, heart, lever, and physical (tooth, hair, eyes, hands, foot, etc).

TEST V : The fifth test is user interview with branch manager or maybe you will meet with business manager.  This step is done two weeks after (if you pass medical check up).  I thought I didn’t pass test IV because it was long time to waiting.  So, you must calm for waiting every next step.  In this step, a branch manager asked about my address, loyalty, passion, capability, and how much salary I want to have.

Now, I am awaiting for announcement after one weeks after I followed user interview.  With your pleasure, I need your praying guys to help me getting this carer.

Okay, guys.  That is short story that can shared, if you want to know more technical, condition, and situation please put you comment below.  So, I can share little admire in your question.

Thanks for you who read until this line.



Pic : Medical checkup


Pic : Being confusing after test


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