March on till see the sun

Don’t cry
Open up your eyes and know
There’s someone else out there that feels this way
I’m singing to you
Cause I know what you’ve been through and now
It’s not so long ago I felt the same

Like soldiers
March on
If we can make it through the night we’ll see the sun
I remember summer nights alone
Fireflies the only thing we own
All we had were dreams of California
And I remember winters were so cold
Hunger was the only thing we know
And rock n’ roll dreamin’ was what saved us
March on, march on
Till we see the sun
Through the good times,
Through the bad times
Through the long days
Through the hard nights
Keep on till we see the sun
Even when there’s no one there for you march on
Even when the days are long for you march on

March on – Good Charlote


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