Since I did my thesis, I began to feel sorry for my laptop. First, my laptop used to write a theorem or mathematical formulas more busy than usual. Secondly, I did not often turn off my laptop, just hibernate so I do not forget the connection work yesterday. I had hibernated my laptop so I could see preview display before I turned off.
Thanks my laptop, do you have with me over the time. My mind could not sleep deep because always thought of the unfinished work yesterday. If I had fallen asleep then I fear it would be to forget the job yesterday. So, I always try to keep my mind from thinking of a solution running impasse that I met while working on the thesis.

KOE KI NGOMONG OPO THO LEEE…. ?  “Nguarang bablas… hahhaa… dan ini akan saya lakukan lagi di lain waktu, berhati-hatilah’ 😛


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