What a Lucky Day…

This is my post number 101.

This day is my lucky day.  I am doing to finishing my thesis, but its complicated..And I have many reasons that have not finished my thesis.  I sent a short massage to my thesis supervisor, “Asalmualaikum… Maaf Bu, ini Budi.  draft saya belum jadi.  Diundur, kamis boleh ngadep saya Bu?”. And then, not long after that.  My thesis supervisor reply my message that she did not go to campus.  I have not guess that my thesis supervisor would not go to campus too.  Hehe… THIS IS MY LUCKY DAY.

Alhamdulillah, In other hand, I hope my thesis supervisor still in healthy.  Not mean, that I’m happy why she did not able to go because something bad.  But, I mean, I can prepare my thesis for some surplus time.  I get Add time.  This is wednesday when I write this article.  It mean that to night is my last time to prepare my thesis draft.

Enough, I close this articel with full spirit, and full till for my thesis draft.

Give me your prays.. thanks


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